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Who We Are

Melbourne-based with an international focus

The Melbourne Marketing Group is comprised of experienced consultants, all with international business experience and expertise in complementary fields. Based in Australia, we are represented by qualified affiliates in the United States, Canada and all major markets.


Our consultants work collaboratively on your behalf and subscribe to the highest global standards of professional practices in advisory, leadership development and executive search.

As your representatives in the international market, we reflect and reinforce your brand and company values in every aspect of our work. We work closely with you to determine the best approach for any assignment. Our direct, results orientation ensures we translate your business goals into well defined assignment briefs.

We seek to understand your requirements thoroughly. You will benefit from our significant contributions to your leadership team.  Our recommendations will always address both the immediate challenges and anticipated future business environment.   

Our many satisfied clients will tell you that with our considered business approach, we always bring valuable information, insights and guidance to every aspect of our work. Throughout the process, from our initial briefing sessions, through our strategy development, assessments and recommendations, we are guided by your business objectives.


We are professional problem solvers and business builders. We have achieved multiple successes in business transformations and know what it takes to deliver outstanding results.

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